McLoughlin Blvd Paving Project Begins in April

Project location and overview
This project will repave 1.9 miles of OR 99E (SE McLoughlin Blvd.)  between the Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd./Grand Ave. viaducts (mile post 1.2) and Harold St. (milepost 3.1). ODOT also plans to install a signalized crosswalk for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing McLoughlin Blvd. near the Ross Island Sand & Gravel facility.

Project benefits
The pavement condition of this nearly 2-mile stretch of McLoughlin Blvd. is poor. New pavement will improve safety for the 55,000 vehicles traveling on this stretch of McLoughlin Blvd. each day. A signalized crosswalk will also allow pedestrians and bicyclists safer and more convenient passage across McLoughlin Blvd. in the project area.

Traffic impacts
Due to the high volume of vehicle traffic along this key corridor in the City of Portland, ODOT will primarily restrict lane closures on McLoughlin Blvd. to nights and occasional weekends. Some lane closures will be allowed during off-peak daytime hours. No major detours are anticipated, though access to some side streets and businesses may be temporarily restricted during construction stages. Continue reading McLoughlin Blvd Paving Project Begins in April

Wed March 23-Brooklyn Action Corps General Mtg & Local Business Fair

In celebration of our neighborhood’s vibrant mix
of small businesses, the Brooklyn Action Corps is
holding an open house at our General Meeting.

The famous Brooklyn 97202 sweatshirts will be
raffled off, along with other prizes. Light refreshments
will also be available.

Interested in having your Brooklyn based business
participate? Email Crissy Kibbons-Lindahl.

Meet your neighbors and bring your ideas, concerns and
vision for the Brooklyn neighborhood.

SE Portland Tool Library to Open in May

Follow this link to the SE Portland Tool Library.

Slated to open May 1, 2010, the SE Portland Tool Library is an all-volunteer library of home and garden tools that may be borrowed free of charge by SE Portland residents.

We’re just like a library that lends books, we just happen to deal in saws, hammers, stud finders, ladders, and more!

Membership will be FREE! You just have to be over 18 and a resident of SE Portland within SE Uplift’s boundaries. The tool library will be located at St. David of Wales Episcopal Church, located at 2800 SE Harrison St. and will be open Saturdays from 9am-2pm.

Help out! We’re in need of volunteers to help get us ready for May 1, 2010 and of course we need tool donations!  If you’d like to volunteer to get us ready, or if you have tools you’d be interested in donating, please contact us!  No broken tools please (gas-powered tools by special arrangement).

NPR: “Quiet Zones are Safer!”

Link to NPR Story

Study Says Quiet Zones are Ultimately Safer Than Horns at Railroad Crossings
Copyright © 2010 National Public Radio®.

JACKI LYDEN, host:For many small towns across the country, the haunting sounds of the long bellowing train whistles are part of old world charm. But for people who live near train tracks that charm can wear off pretty fast.  Back in the 1990s, the federal government mandated train whistles or horns as a safety feature. But a revision to that law means some communities can replace those noisy horns with other measures.

MORALES: More than a hundred trains pass through this town very day. Tom Elzey has been an engineer on those trains for more than 30 years, and for all of those he’s been tooting that horn to announce the trains’ arrival. That hasn’t won him any popularity contest.

Mr. TOM ELZEY (Train Engineer): I was getting a haircut one time and I told her that I was an engineer for the railroad, and she got incredibly irate. I think she blamed me for every time she’d been delayed at the road crossing and for all that noise. And she started waving those scissors around and I’m thinking I’m going to end up with a Mohawk. I’m going to walk out of here. Continue reading NPR: “Quiet Zones are Safer!”

Solarize Portland Workshops in SE

Help us Solarize SE Portland!

Last year’s Solarize Portland effort resulted in 120 homeowners working together to build a 350kW clean energy powerplant  (equal to taking 650 cars off the road!) right here on the roofs of SE Portland homes.

Southeast Uplift and Imagine Energy are partnering to offer Solarize SE, Phase II.  Solarize is a community education and solar installation program designed to help southeast Portland homeowners overcome the barriers to going solar at home, including who to hire, how much to budget and where to start.  With Solarize Southeast, interested neighbors will join forces to conquer the process as a team, and realize cost savings with bulk purchasing power.

Free workshops are being held in March and April throughout southeast Portland.  These events will provide information needed to make a sound decision about solar electricity, and inform participants about how the Solarize project works.

Neighbors are invited to participate in this exciting project.  If you would like to install solar electricity on your home please visit for information about upcoming workshops and to find out how to sign up.  We are also looking for people who are interested in spreading the word about this throughout the community.  The more people we get signed up the more cost savings this project can accomplish!  If you are interested in helping to organize your community to solarize please contact Tim O’Neal, Neighborhood Sustainability Coordinator for SE Uplift, at 503.232.0010 x313, or email