Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman apologizes to Southeast Portland residents over Bungled Sewer Fee Program

Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman apologized to Southeast Portland residents, at the Brooklyn Neighborhood general meeting Wednesday evening, for a sewer repair project that went awry.

As part of a citywide effort to build additional public sewers, the Bureau of Environmental Services sent letters in June to 127 property owners in Southeast and Northeast Portland.

The letters alerted the property owners that their sewer did not conform to the city’s plumbing and sewer codes and they would have to pay to bring it into compliance.

If you have received one of these letters and you need help in understanding what your options are you can contact the Brooklyn Help Line at 503/241-4540.

Follow this link for a video of a KATU TV report.

http://portlandcitycenter.katu.com/news/politics/portland-residents-get-stuck-steep-sewer- connection-costs/442136

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Wednesday July 27-Urgent General Meeting on New Fees for Non-conforming Sewers

Dear Neighbors:

Many of you have received letters from the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services asking you to return a signed and notarized form committing to pay a Public Service Utility Waiver fee ranging from $6,000-$18,000 in anticipation of BES installing upgraded sewers in our streets as part of the city’s nonconforming sewer program. It appears that these fees are only for the sewer installations, not necessarily for the permits, hookup fees, or sewer work on our properties that may be required. Dan Saltzman, our commissioner overseeing the BES, has agreed to attend our meeting this Wednesday to discuss the fees, answer questions, and brainstorm a solution.

It is crucial that we have as many neighbors as possible at this meeting! Please join us at the Loaves and Fishes center at SE Milwaukie and SE Center Street at 7 pm on Wednesday, July 27.

See you there!

Miller Pledges Paint for Brooklyn Mural!

Miller Paint, a Portland Company for over 120 years, has graciously donated ten gallons of premium paint and tinting for the 9th Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Mural Project. The mural is being funded by a grant awarded to the BAC by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement Graffiti Abatement program. Lewton Jones, a Portland mural artist, is designing the mural and coordinating the mostly volunteer-powered effort. The BAC would like thank Miller Paint for contributing to our project. Thanks MILLER PAINT!

We’re planning on painting the mural during weekends in August. To volunteer or donate paint brushes, rollers, drop cloths, or other painting supplies, call the help line at (503) 241-4540 or send an email to mike@brooklyn-neighborhood.org.

BAC Foot Patrol Mentioned in NYT Article!

Cities Report Surge in Graffiti

NEW YORK TIMES, Tuesday, July 19, 2011


SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Fresh blotches of graffiti decorate the backs of street signs here near the ocean. Tags have popped up on guardrails along the dirt trails near Griffith Park across town. There are, almost daily, fresh splashes on walls in the San Fernando Valley, on downtown Los Angeles buildings and on billboards along the highways.

And Los Angeles does not appear to be alone in grappling with a recent upsurge in graffiti, which is turning up in some unlikely places. A bumper crop of scrawls is blossoming in many modest-size communities across the country — in places like Florence, Ala.; Bernalillo County, N.M.; Taylors, S.C.; and in larger cities like Nashville and Portland, Ore. — even as major cities like Chicago, Denver, New York and Seattle say vigilant antigraffiti campaigns have spared them thus far.

“It’s popped up all of a sudden in the last six months,” said Tim Sandrell, the owner of Safari Adventures in Hair in Florence. “I’ve been downtown for 10 years, and I’m really disappointed that we are seeing this kind of activity. We have a beautiful city and an historic city, and it’s really upsetting to me seeing this going on.” Continue reading BAC Foot Patrol Mentioned in NYT Article!

Please Join Us for Our July 21st Foot Patrol Night!

The BAC is launching our foot patrol. Our first night will start Thursday July 21st at 7:30. Just gather in front of Dan Howell’s house at 4018 SE 10th Avenue. We’ll have reflective vests, flashlights, and a graffiti removal kit. Call the help line at (503) 241-4540 to get involved, or just show up Thursday night. We’ll be doing this at least once a week all summer, so we need you to get involved!