Help make Brooklyn waterwise – Free water gauge kits and tips from RWPC

Did you know water usage in the Portland Metro area can more than double and even triple during the summer months? We Oregonians work hard to keep our lawns and gardens green in hot and dry weather. Many of us have heard the advice to water our lawn about an inch a week – and more during hotter weather – but few of us actually know what that means. In fact, many people actually overwater their lawns without realizing it. To help residents wise up about their water usage, the Regional Water Providers Consortium (RWPC) is offering a free outdoor watering gauge kit to anyone in the RWPC service territory from July 1 – August 10.

The watering gauge takes the guesswork out of watering by measuring how much water is landing on your lawn. The RWPC also posts a “weekly watering number” on its website (, which provides the recommended amount of water to keep lawns healthy through summer.  Continue reading Help make Brooklyn waterwise – Free water gauge kits and tips from RWPC

Host Families Needed for Students from France, Spain, Germany, Japan, and China

ANDEO (, a Portland-based non-profit organization, is looking for great host families in the Brooklyn neighborhood to host a teen or college-age student from France, Spain, Germany, Japan, or China for a few weeks this summer.  Learn about another culture, share your own, make a new friend, and create some fun summer memories together! The students are excited to learn more about American culture, practice their English, and discover the Northwest.  Some students take classes in downtown Portland on weekday mornings and enjoy group activities in the afternoons.  Others are free to follow the everyday flow of life with your family.  Either way, your student would be treated as another family member, doing chores, biking around the neighborhood, and participating in your family’s favorite summer activities.  ANDEO matches students and families based on age, gender, nationality, and shared interests.  The final choice to host a particular student is always yours! The students bring their own spending money and are covered by health insurance. Hosting is free, and ANDEO provides a small stipend to help families cover activities, extra food or utility use.

For more information, or to apply to host, please visit ANDEO’s website at, email Paulene Hedgpeth at, or call 503.274.1776.


Join Powell Little League June 16th for “Games under the Lights”

Join Powell Little League at Brooklyn Park for a great night of exciting Softball & Baseball. Bring your lawnchairs and blankets for the 7th Annual “Game under the Lights”.

This a Powell Little League annual event that draws the entire league and the neighborhood. Throw your blanket on the hill and enjoy 2 games.

  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm Majors v Juniors Softball Game

Come see the Softball teams play a great competitive game

  • 8:15pm- 10:00pm Majors v Majors Baseball game “Under the Lights”.

With six lights placed over the field, this is the highly anticipated year-end event. Watch the 2 Majors teams play a great game of baseball.
View the sponsor banners and support out local businesses
Satisfy your need for snacks with VooDoo Donuts, J. Gelato, TNT Kettle Korn, BroDogs

Garden Kickoff and Neighborhood Cleanup were a Huge Success!

Dear Neighbors,

Thanks for coming to our community garden groundbreaking party and our neighborhood cleanup event. They were both well-attended and surpassed our expectations! We had dozens of folks come to the cleanup, we filled four dumpsters and raised money for our general fund. We also had at least a couple dozen volunteers come to the community garden groundbreaking where we rooted out a giant pile of weeds which will help us get the land prepared for plowing and measuring out our garden plots. Thanks everyone! Email us to get involved!


The Brooklyn Action Corps