River Plan / South Reach Natural Resources and Adjacent Development SESSION #2 – River and Riverbank Areas

September 18, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Center for Equity and Inclusion
5757 SW Macadam Avenue

It’s time to wade into the details of the key challenges and opportunities.

River Plan / South Reach project staff will host a series of public meetings to cover a variety of topics; then we’ll integrate the input received into eastside and westside discussions and culminate this phase of work with a public open house in December.

The results of all that will shape development of the River Plan / South Reach.

So, jump in! First: Topical meetings Below is a list of scheduled topical meetings for interested community members to help define the future of the river/riverfront area. Staff will record suggestions, comments and other outcomes of these discussions. Materials for each meeting will be posted in advance on the project web page. And as a bonus, refreshments will be served at all the meetings.

By Mike OConnor

Mike has been a Brooklyn resident since 1990.

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