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Changing Face of Transportation in Brooklyn

As has been reported earlier, many changes are coming to the transportation infrastructure in Brooklyn.

1. SE Long Street has been closed at SE McLoughlin Boulevard. This ends the streets use as a defacto freeway ramp and returns it to use the quiet neighborhood street that it was designed to be. A more in-depth report of this development can be found on this website.

2. ODOT is reporting that a large section of the MLK/Grand Viaduct will be demolished
starting on Monday, and will take most of the following week. Most of this work will take place
during the daytime shift. Look for increased truck traffic in this area as the concrete
debris is hauled away.

3. Big Pipe construction at 17TH and McLoughlin is gearing up again. Excavation of the
tunnel shaft has resumend and large amounts of rock are being moved from the site. Look for increased traffic delays in this area as well.

4. The Milwaukie MAX Citizen’s Advisory Committee has reached consensus on several
elements of the line. The following recommendations will be included in our formal recommendation to the Steering Committee:

  • – A modified Porter-Sherman bridge alignment across the Wilamette River.
  • – The Tillamook Branch Alignment between Tacoma Street and Downtown Milwaukie.
  • – A rail line that continues south of Milwaukie and ends at Park Avenue in the Oak Grove neighborhood.

Additional reccommendations will be made on Thursday, June 12th. The meeting is open to the public and will be held at 6:00 PM at the Metro Regionl Center on SE Grand. The following issue will be decided:
Whether or not to have stations in the following areas: SE Harbor Drive, SE Harold Street, Downtown Milwaukie, SE Bluebird Street near River Road in Milwaukie.

The issue of whether or not there should be a station at SE Harold Street will also be revisited at the Brooklyn Action Corps Board Meeting on Wednesday, June 11th.

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