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Equity and Social Justice

This committee is on hiatus until a board member joins the group. If you’re interested, please contact the board.

The Equity and Social Justice subcommittee is led by queer and BIPOC neighbors. The committee recognizes and acknowledges that the Brooklyn neighborhood is home to renters and low income community members, BIPOC, queer and disabled neighbors, and community members experiencing houselessness.

We hold that neighborhood associations have historically been white dominated, exclusionary, and classist. The committee is dedicated to advancing anti-racism within our work and recommendations to the board in an effort to address BAC culture and representation. You can review our November 2022 letter of recommendations to the BAC Board.

We strive to listen to, organize around, advocate for/with, and make recommendations about issues at the intersections racial/climate/disability/gender/economic justice that impact our immediate community and the greater Portland community with intention and thoughtfulness.

Our recent work is focusing on mutual aid gardening and increasing food justice in our neighborhood.

Visit native-land.ca to learn more about the Indigenous lands we live on. Support Chinook Justice in their effort to reclaim federal tribal recognition.

A photograph of a blue table set up at the 2022 ice cream social. There are coloring pages, stickers, flyers, plants and books on the table.


Email: socialjustice@brooklyn-neighborhood.org

Instagram: BAC on Instagram


The committee meets every three weeks on Sundays from 5:30pm to 7:00pm via Zoom. Contact the committee and check the online calendar for details. Some events take place during this time instead of meetings.

You can check out our meeting notes through this link.



  • Bowie she/her
  • Harlan he/him
  • Shinjini they/them

Past events

  • Yard Sale Fundraiser for Taking Ownership PDX, NAYA, and Pueblo Unido’ Summer 2020
  • ESJ Community Building Outdoor Movie Night, “Coco”; October 2020
  • Plant Pop Up, A fundraiser for Black Futures Farm & a Brooklyn BIPoC & LGBTQIA+ Resource Line; May 2021
  • Pedalpalooza Mural Viewing Ride, Brooklyn Park to Portland Cá Phê; August 2021
  • Community Plant Pop Up; May 2022
  • Draw Your Dream Garden; July 2022
  • SE Gardens Pedalpalooza Ride; August 2022
  • Ice Cream Social Tabling with free pollinator plants; September 2022

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