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The Gideon Shelter Working Group is working on the Good Neighbor Agreement and other issues related to the Gideon Temporary Alternative Shelter Site in Clinton Triangle at 1490 SE Gideon Street. You may reach the group at gideon shelter at brooklyn-neighborhood dot org.

We are currently meeting twice a week until the Good Neighbor Agreement is complete, sometime around July 2023. You can find the calendar event here.

You can find all our working documents in our google drive share.

The most recent dozen blog posts on the topic

  • Clinton Triangle Working Group Update 2023W30
    The Working Group met before the Urban Alchemy presentation at the Multnomah County Building last week. Meeting notes are here. You can find my notes from the Urban Alchemy discussion here: Liveblogging the Clinton Triangle Urban Alchemy Discussion. The handouts from the event are available here. The Code of Conduct was updated last week, and I replaced the one in the google drive. We’re working on the new draft of the GNA after the meeting. It should be updated on the website soon. Stories on the July 17, 2023 media tour of the site: Stories on the July 20, 2023…
  • Liveblogging the Clinton Triangle Urban Alchemy Discussion
    I’m sitting in the front row after we finished a meeting for final changes to the Good Neighbor Agreement and I decided that I’ll live blog this one. Enjoy. Hank Smith kicks it off by introducing himself. He’s the policy advisor to Mayor Wheeler and Ms Brocker-Knapp. Introduces Urban Alchemy folks, Kirkpatrick Tyler (KP) and Ron I-didn’t-get his-last-name (I’ll update this), along with OR State Rep Rob Nosse, Skyler Brocker-Knapp. Hank talks about the status of the site. Construction is about done. No guests yet. KP introduces himself. He talks a bit about the founding of UA, in particular its…
  • Clinton Triangle Working Group 2023W29
    Two Three updates this week. The first is a session with Urban Alchemy this Thursday, July 20, 2023 at 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Starts at 6PM. The meeting is intended for neighbors from the areas of Brooklyn, Hosford-Abernethy, and Central Eastside Industrial Council who wish to learn more about operations at the Clinton Triangle Temporary Alternative Shelter Site (TASS) may hear directly from Urban Alchemy leadership about how they manage alternative shelter sites and to ask specific questions about the Clinton Triangle TASS. Second update is that we’ve received the first draft of the Code of Conduct/Community Guidelines for the Clinton Triangle Shelter from Urban…
  • Clinton Triangle Working Group 2023W24 & W25
    On June 12, 2023, HAND and the BAC jointly hosted a Stakeholder Discussion at the Aladdin Theater with representatives of the Mayor’s office, Hank Smith and Skyler Brocker-Knapp. Attendees got a short summary of the Good Neighbor Agreement which included maps of the zones for enhanced city services defined in an included table. I hope you’ll read it, and the penultimate draft that it derives from. This GNA is historic in a number of ways. First, as we transition to apportioned districts and direct election of an expanded city council, it’s probably one of the last times neighborhood associations will…
  • Clinton Triangle Working Group 2023W23
    There were three meetings this week, two with HAND to go through the GNA and one with the City and other stakeholders to go though the rest of the draft GNA. We’ve resolved most of the comments on the GNA among ourselves and with the city. We have one meeting with the city scheduled for this week, and we hope to get the GNA in a good enough form to present at our board meetings.
  • Gideon Shelter Working Group Update 2023W21
    The Gideon Temporary Alternative Shelter Site / Clinton Triangle working group had five meetings last week, three with HAND and CEIC to work on the Good Neighbor Agreement and two with representatives of Mayor Wheeler, HAND, and CEIC. Here’s the complete list of meeting recordings and notes, caught up from the May 8 update. Apologies for not including links in last week’s update. I’m following a new convention of putting the week number in the title of these updates so they’ll be ordered correctly. We’ve gotten through the first two-thirds of the GNA, including sections on expected response times in…
  • Gideon Shelter Working Group Update 2023W20
    The Gideon Shelter Working Group had four meetings last week, three with HAND and CEIC to work on the Good Neighbor Agreement and one with representatives of Mayor Wheeler, HAND, and CEIC. I also got a copy of the current site plans via a public records request. I’ve marked them up where I’m confused about conflicts between the site plans and the zoning for the site. To summarize The above all hold without any changes to the zoning code. We’ve asked the city, in particular Hank Smith and Eric Zimmerman, to give us the paper trail on those changes to…
  • Gideon Shelter Working Group Update 2023W19
    Current Members of the working group. New members this week in italics. The Gideon Temporary Alternative Shelter Site / Clinton Triangle working group had four meetings last week, two with HAND and two with representatives of Mayor Wheeler, HAND, and CEIC. Dan Carr and I also met with Rep Rob Nosse on Saturday morning, 5/6/2023, to explain where we’re at and ask for his participation in the process. He’s going to be working with us going forward. In my opinion, the most important takeaways from this week are
  • Gideon Shelter Working Group Update 2023W18
    Clinton Triangle / Gideon Shelter Temporary Alternative Shelter Working Group Last week was a busy week for the working group. Wednesday, 2023-04-26, was a working meeting as we added notes and worked with Josie Kressner of the Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood District to include HAND as a participant in our agreement. You can find the current version of the document in our drive folder, along with notes from the meeting. We worked with two other HAND folks on Thursday, 2023-04-27, Chris Eykamp and Michelle Sprague, to narrow down the issues and prepare for a meeting with the city on Friday. Notes and…
  • Gideon Shelter Working Group Update 2023W17
    This a working document for the April 25, 2023 update The following folks are on the working group. Members who joined in the last week are bolded.
  • Gideon Shelter Working Group Update 2023W16
    We had a productive discussion during our last board meeting about a portfolio of actions that could be taken to move the site from its current location, ensure its safe operation for its residents and their neighbors, monitor its effect on Hosford-Abernathy and Brooklyn, and collaborate on a Good Neighbor Agreement that is coordinated with HAND. The following folks are on the working group. We currently need more representation from unhoused neighbors, folks with experience serving the unhoused, nonprofit staff in our neighborhood, neighborhood business owners and employees, and neighbors who rent or lease. Please contact us, if you’d like…
  • Summary of Clinton Triangle Meeting
    The Brooklyn Action Corps is pleased to welcome a new contributor this week, Eli Nary. Eli will be authoring articles for the BAC website on a variety of topics. In a March 17th Zoom meeting, the Brooklyn Action Corps (B.A.C.) and the Hosford Abernathy Neighborhood District met with Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office and Urban Alchemy about the city’s plan to turn an industrial parcel of land adjacent to Brooklyn into a city-sanctioned campsite. The camp would be located at 1490 S.E. Gideon Street, in what is colloquially known as the Clinton Triangle. It would be the first of its kind…

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