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Spring Cleanup Wrap Up

As far as spring cleanups go, we thought this was going to be the worst due to the unseasonably cold and wet weather we have been experiencing for weeks. How could anyone get out in their yards? The real surprise came when the day ended up quite dry, at least in Brooklyn, even though the date coincided with the Rose Parade.
A big thank you from the BAC to all the volunteers with special mention to Ann Noonan, Pam Vick, Adam Marx, D. Rouse, Daryl Phillippi and the seven men from JOIN who worked tirelessly to help empty some of the most difficult and smelliest yard debris loads we have had in the history of our neighborhood cleanups. Though the lines were not as long, we managed to collect 3 bins of mixed waste and 2 bins of yard debris totaling over 16 tons.
This year for the first time, we recycled plastics and microwaves. Also, metal was a commodity so very little ended up in the dumpsters. Items of interest were left along side the dumpsters for anyone to take their pick. We definitely believe in the saying, “One’s junk is another’s treasure.”
All in all, it ended up a very successful cleanup, even though the weather and the Rose Parade were conflicts. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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