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Neighborhood Clean-up Scheduled for Saturday, June 6

Please join us for the annual Brooklyn Action Corps Neighborhood Clean-up. This year’s event will run from 9AM until 3PM at the corner of SE 16th Avenue and Center Street.

Mixed Waste: $10 for small pick up loads  ($20-25 for large loads)

Yard Debris: $7
(more for large loads)
Each vehicle will be quoted a price  before unloading. We  have the right to refuse any load and  contractor  loads will not be accepted.

Accepted: Batteries; Tires:
$3 without rims, $4 with rims
Not Accepted: Motors, large appliances, curbside recyclables and hazardous waste

TV’s, computer monitors, and microwaves can be taken to Far West Fibers for recycling.
Senior pick up available         Call the HelpLine
Volunteers willing   to work a two-hour shift at the cleanup will be allowed one free load of yard debris OR general waste.  Call now and reserve your time.

If you would like to volunteer, 
call the Brooklyn Helpline  503/241-4540

Clean up sponsored by METRO and the BAC

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