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Solarize Portland Workshops in SE

Help us Solarize SE Portland!

Last year’s Solarize Portland effort resulted in 120 homeowners working together to build a 350kW clean energy powerplant  (equal to taking 650 cars off the road!) right here on the roofs of SE Portland homes.

Southeast Uplift and Imagine Energy are partnering to offer Solarize SE, Phase II.  Solarize is a community education and solar installation program designed to help southeast Portland homeowners overcome the barriers to going solar at home, including who to hire, how much to budget and where to start.  With Solarize Southeast, interested neighbors will join forces to conquer the process as a team, and realize cost savings with bulk purchasing power.

Free workshops are being held in March and April throughout southeast Portland.  These events will provide information needed to make a sound decision about solar electricity, and inform participants about how the Solarize project works.

Neighbors are invited to participate in this exciting project.  If you would like to install solar electricity on your home please visit www.solarizeSEportland.org for information about upcoming workshops and to find out how to sign up.  We are also looking for people who are interested in spreading the word about this throughout the community.  The more people we get signed up the more cost savings this project can accomplish!  If you are interested in helping to organize your community to solarize please contact Tim O’Neal, Neighborhood Sustainability Coordinator for SE Uplift, at 503.232.0010 x313, or email tim@southeastuplift.org.

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