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TriMet Board of Directors Adopts Implementation Statement for Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail

BAC board chair Michael O’Connor testified Wednesday morning at TriMet’s November Board of Directors meeting in favor of the agency’s adoption of an implementation statement for Portland-Milwaukie light rail. Following passionate testimony on both sides of the issue, TriMet’s board unanimously approved the resolution.  The resolution states that:

1. The TriMet Board of Directors hereby issues its statement of support for timely implementation of the Project as planned, and:

2. The TriMet Board of Directors takes this action in the context of valuing the importance of restoring efficient frequent service bus reductions of the past year, and calls upon TriMet staff and regional partners to ensure that this service can be restored in a timely manner, and that commitments to future rail endeavors will be considered in the context of restored bus service.

Thanks to the support of the BAC and all the rest of the stakeholders, we have crossed a significant threshold in bringing this new project through our neighborhood.  Thanks neighbors!

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