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BAC Meets With ODOT to Plan New Walkways from SE Cora and SE Boise Streets to McLoughlin Blvd Bus Stops & Crosswalks

BAC’s board members Michael O’Connor and Don Stephens met ODOT Community Affairs Coordinator Mike Mason and Engineer Jeffrey Moss onsite at the west ends of SE Boise and SE Cora Streets at McLoughlin Blvd to discuss the best way to make pedestrian and bike connections to McLoughlin. “While there are some challenges with some of the alignments, we pledge to work through the issues and come to a design that is beneficial to the community while being cost-effective to the agency and public,” Mason commented. The streets dead-end at McLoughlin, and the only way up onto the thoroughfare is through a thicket of branches and a muddy, slippery path.  ODOT has pledged to find a way to provide a safe, well-lit, ramp or stairway connecting the two.  We’re looking at trimming vegetation, possibly replacing a guardrail, and making at least one of the connections wheelchair accessible.  We appreciate ODOT’s inclusion of the BAC in the early design stage for these accessibility improvements.

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