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Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Artist Orientation – Community Resource Sessions-Please Attend!

Community members are invited to attend Community Resource sessions with the public artists selected to work on the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail project. The sessions are part of the artist’s overall orientation to the project and will provide them with important information about the communities along the alignment as they develop their concepts for artwork.

Wednesday, December 15, 3-5 p.m., TriMet Capital Projects, 710 NE Holladay St. (enter on 7th Ave.)

Space for these sessions is rather limited – participants must RSVP to Michelle Traver at <mailto:traverm@trimet.org>traverm@trimet.org as soon as possible, but no later than December 10th.

The role of participants is to help educate the artists about their communities and neighborhoods. Many of the artists are from other parts of the country, so it is especially important for them to meet community members such as historians, community leaders or storytellers that live near or along the alignment who can help the artists begin to understand the character of each community, as well as provide a flavor for local values, concerns and aspirations. This is an opportunity to provide the artists raw material for their creative process, not an occasion to direct the artists to create something specific.

The Community Resource sessions will meet in small groups facilitated by members of the Public Art Advisory Committee. Each artist has been assigned a specific station area; however nearby station areas are grouped together for the purpose of these sessions. Sessions will be held for each of these areas:

1.  Park Ave. station area, Kellogg Bridge, Lake Rd. station area
2.  Tacoma and Bybee stations
3.  17th Ave. corridor (Rhine and Holgate station areas), Powell overcrossing, Clinton St. station area
4.  OHSU/SWI and OMSI/Opera station areas

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