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Local Businesses Being Targeted for Car Prowls, Armed Robberies

Unfortunately, car break-ins are occurring on a regular basis at the new 24-hour fitness location at SE McLoughlin and SE Holgate.  If you must park at the location, leave your valuables at home or bring them in and lock them up inside.  Thieves are watching for people who place valuables in their trunks, then they break in.  There have also been several armed hold-ups around the city at small cafes and boutiques.  The perpetrators are targeting businesses with only one staff person, such as coffee shops, ice cream shops, boutiques, etc and are usually striking just before closing time.  If you notice anything peculiar at a local business near closing time (loitering, fast-driving getaway cars, gun-wielding robbers, etc) please get a license plate number and description of the robber, and call 911.

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