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Results of BAC Public Involvement Meeting

Wednesday’s Public Involvement meeting brought up a host of issues of interest to Brooklyn neighbors:

Issues of Controversy or Concern:

  • Invasive vegetation: holly, ivy, blackberries-how do we get neighbors to control these invasives on their property?
  • Landscaping at 9th Avenue pedestrian bridge:  How do we get the city to maintain this area on a regular basis?
  • Updating the Brooklyn Neighborhood Plan: How do we increase advocacy on city services and infrastructure improvements for our neighborhood?
  • Noise Abatement: Many neighbors feel there are unaddressed noise issues in the neighborhood.  We plan to invite City of Portland Noise Abatement Officer Paul Van Orden to a future BAC meeting.
  • Emergency Preparedness:  One neighbor expressed concern that we need a neighborhood-scale emergency preparedness plan for such possible emergencies such as an earthquake, terror event, or other emergencies.
  • General condition of housing stock in the neighborhood:  As the 1970s-era rental units around the neighborhood start showing their age, how do we encourage landlords to continue to maintain and beautify their properties?
  • Housing affordability:  How can the BAC impact affordability of housing in the neighborhood?  Currently, Reach Community Development is proposing low-income housing units in the neighborhood, and Portland State University is considering a satellite campus in the area.

Wish List for new projects, initiatives, and events:

  • Revive the Brooklyn Artwalk
  • Establish a new community garden (contact Jacob Heil of Be Academy about getting on the committee: (503) 477-0077)
  • Block Party Street Fair–We’re planning a street fair/block party event for August 27th, 2011.  There will be music, food, merchant booths, games, a beer garden, and a movie in the park.  To get involved come to the next BAC board meeting or general meeting.
  • Fruit Tree Gleaning: Second Harvest is an organization that gleans fruit and produce from urban trees.
  • BAC Business Fair:  BAC is planning a business fair later this spring at one of our general meetings.  Stay tuned for the date.

To get involved in any of these issues email us at info@brooklyn-neighborhood.org or come to a future board or general meeting.  Thanks to all who made the public involvement meeting a success!

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