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Upcoming Light Rail Construction at SE 17th & Holgate

Dear Neighbors, we wanted to let you know about some construction scheduled at SE 17th & Holgate over the next few weeks which may have some traffic impacts, mostly on Holgate. TriMet’s contractor won’t begin work here until early next year, but I wanted to let you know about this underground utility work currently scheduled by others.

–Starting Monday, October 31, continuing for a few weeks, Northwest Natural Gas plans to work on the north side of Holgate, on both sides of 17th Ave. This will include closing the sidewalk on Holgate adjacent to the TriMet bus garage for a few days.

— Starting November 7, continuing for a couple days, Portland Water Bureau plans to work at the southeast corner of 17th & Holgate. They also plan to work in the intersection during the weekend of November 12 and on November 21.

— November 14-18 there may be more traffic on 17th Ave. ODOT plans to close the exit from eastbound Ross Island Bridge to southbound McLoughlin, and will direct this traffic to 17th Ave. (This is unrelated to light rail construction; I’m not sure what project is prompting it.)

Of course, construction schedules are always subject to change, but this is what we’ve heard is currently scheduled. There will be more private utility construction in January, followed by TriMet’s contractor beginning work on sewer pipes in the intersection, probably in early March.

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