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BAC Sponsor Brooklyn Center Suites is Ready for Your Summer Guests!

Summer fun is well under way for the Brooklyn neighborhood and surrounding communities. As the owners of the Brooklyn Center Suites my husband David and I are always excited to provide convenient lodging for visitors to the Brooklyn neighborhood as they enjoy and explore all that the area has to offer.

Our two suites on Southeast Milwaukie Avenue are comfortable studio apartments featuring fully equipped kitchens, free wi-fi, safe off-street parking and easy access to historic Brooklyn. Visitors revel in Portland’s top-notch restaurants, neighborhoods, farmers markets, parks and day trips to the coast, Willamette valley and the mountains.

We have owned and operated the Brooklyn Center Suites since 1997. We have hosted guests from around the world and around the neighborhood. We are an especially appealing option for family members coming to town who prefer having a place of their own to stay while they attend weddings, graduations, reunions or just enjoy their visits with friends or grandchildren. We offer three nights to extended stays. Visit our web site or give us a call to learn more. Here’s to another great summer in the Brooklyn neighborhood!

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