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City fall budget update

City Council is currently going through the “fall budget monitoring process” which is an opportunity to adjust where the City is investing resources.

In particular, Commissioners Hardesty and Eudaly have a proposal which is up for consideration. OPB has a summary of the proposal.

If you have comments on their proposal or other budget topics, you can submit them to council via email:

TriMet service plan proposal for 2021–2022

TriMet is sharing their proposals for service changes in 2021 and beyond. There are two open houses: one tonight in English (Oct 28, 5pm), and another tomorrow in Spanish (Oct 29, 5pm).

You can find more about those plans and the open houses at trimet.org/plan.

Of note for Brooklyn, there are some proposed changes to the #19 bus route. The route would remain as-is through Brooklyn, but they are proposing to reduce frequency on the “Rex loop” through Eastmoreland and eliminate the “Union Manor” loop in Sellwood. They are proposing these changes to reduce travel time by keeping more busses on its core route down Bybee and Woodstock Blvds.

City Charter updates

Every 10 years, a Charter Commission is appointed to review the City of Portland’s charter. If you’re interested in changing the city’s current system of government, such as the assignment of bureaus to commissioners, this is an opportunity to provide feedback.

You can send comments to Council, using the same email addresses as above.

For more information, the City Club of Portland released two reports on the current state and has recommendations on possible changes.

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