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Denouncing racist & sexist violence and supporting our AAPI communities

The recent violence in Atlanta that resulted in the murders of 8 people, 6 of whom were Asian women — 4 of those elders, at the hand of a 21 year old white man was both racist and sexist.

Silence when white supremacy takes this deadly form supports more of it, thus Brooklyn Action Corps explicitly condemns these violent acts against Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community members and all misogynist and racist acts of hatred and violence. 

We offer our anger, grief, and empathy to our AAPI neighbors. We mourn for each life that was taken. Please practice self care during this traumatic time and reach out to us for any support: board@brooklyn-neighborhood.org or socialjustice@brooklyn-neighborhood.org.

Support Our Local AAPI Brooklyn Businesses

  • Bob’s Handy Pantry, 3354 SE Milwaukie Ave
  • Hamono Sushi, 3131 SE 12th Ave
  • Coco Donuts, 4790 SE Milwaukie Ave
  • Vincent’s Alterations & Tailoring, 3334 SE Milwaukie Ave

This week (and always!) we encourage you to support our local shops. One friendly suggestion — make a day out of it! Coco Donuts in the morning sunshine, Hamono Sushi for a date or special take out, and Bob’s for a pint of ice cream or drinks to go with dinner.

There are many other ways to support and learn from our AAPI communities. Read on for more details, resources, and information.

Support Resources for AAPI Neighbors

  • Portland United Against Hate: Report hate online and access culturally affirming support services: reporthatepdx.com
  • People’s Crisis Line: Free, peer support services who will not call the police: 503-200-7993
  • Lines for Life Racial Equity Support Line: Emotional support services for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPoC) folks who have experienced racism staffed by people with lived experience: 503-575-3764
  • Equitable Giving Circle: BIPoC led organization offering care packages to Asian elders
  • United States of Flowers: Pay it forward flower service offering free flowers (limited quantities weekly)

You can donate the following items to @equitablegivingcircle:
candles, tea, plants, natural soaps, incense, nice snacks etc.
You can give flowers ($20) to increase the # of flowers available at United States of Flower’s website.

Resources + Actions to Stop anti-Asian Hate

Follow and/or donate to:

Education and resources:

  • Get educated about AAPI (Oregon) history
  • Read or listen to books by AAPI authors
  • Diversify the media you consume to include authentic and diverse stories of AAPI people
  • Listen to AAPI podcasts
  • Support AAPI makers, creatives, &  businesses
  • Learn to deconstruct anti-Asian, racist stereotypes
  • Don’t tolerate racist and sexist “jokes” 
  • Speak out against anti-Asian rhetoric and or anti-Asian racial slurs
  • Financially support AAPI organizations when possible

Visit these places to engage with AAPI history and culture:

  • Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, OR
  • Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, OR
  • Garden of the Surging Waves, Astoria, OR
  • Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site, John Day, OR
  • Portland Chinatown Museum, Portland, OR
  • Jade International Night Market, Jade District, Portland, OR
  • Oregon Historical Society, Portland, OR

AAPI businesses across Portland

Support these AAPI businesses across Portland (not an extensive list!):

Restaurants and Food or Drinks

  • Shop Halo Halo
  • Mama Dùt Foods
  • Jinju Patisserie
  • Hey Day PDX
  • One Stripe Chai
  • Bao Bao
  • An Xuyen Bakery
  • Cully Central
  • Rose & Lincoln
  • Biba Chamoru Kitchen
  • Matta
  • Wajan
  • Bhuna Restaurant
  • Kopi Coffee House
  • BKK Thai
  • Sherpa Nirvana
  • Mirisata
  • Grind Wit Tryz
  • Toyko Sando

Grocery Stores

  • Fubonn Shopping Center
  • H Mart on Belmont
  • Hong Phat Market

Books, Flowers, Beauty, & Wares

  • Blendily
  • Earth and Her Flower
  • Kiriko Made
  • Kinokuniya Portland
  • Teascape
  • My Poppy and Finch
  • Little Otsu
  • Upper Metal Class

In Remembrance and Reflection

  • Soon Chung Park
  • Suncha Kim
  • Yong Ae Yue
  • Hyun Jung Grant
  • Xiaojie Tan
  • Daoyou Fang
  • Delaina Ashley Yaun
  • Paul Michels

To make a revolution, people must not only struggle against existing institutions. They must make a philosophical/ spiritual leap and become more ‘human’ human beings. In order to change/ transform the world, they must change/ transform themselves.

Grace Lee Boggs

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