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Heat wave resources for this weekend

Hydration stations

Neighbors are setting up 2 stations equipped with coolers filled with ice and water, on Saturday, June 26th, and Sunday, June 27th from 1pm to 6pm:

  • Brooklyn Park
  • Powell Park

If you’re going by either park, please check in on the coolers & refresh ice + waters! Other items welcomed: Ice packs, coconut water, non-chemical sunscreen, aloe vera gel.

Also — have healthy, heat resistant snacks? Drop them off at the Milwaukie & Gideon free fridge & pantry near the MAX station!

Cooling centers

Open 24 hours thru Monday, June 28th:

  • Oregon Convention Center, 960 NE 1st Ave
  • Arbor Lodge Shelter: 1952 N Lombard St
  • Sunrise Center: 18901 E Burnside St

Open noon to 8pm on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday:

  • Midland Library: 805 SE 122nd Ave
  • Capitol Hill Library: 10723 SW Capitol Hwy
  • Gresham Library: 385 NW Miller Ave
  • Kenton Library: 8226 N Denver Ave
  • Holgate Library: 7905 SE Holgate Blvd

Open Monday, June 28th, noon to 9pm, and Tuesday, June 29th, noon to 5pm: 

  • Multnomah County Friends: 4312 SE Stark St

Other spaces that may have AC:

  • Lloyd Center Mall: 2201 Lloyd Center in NE Portland
  • Powell’s Books Downtown: 1005 W Burnside St 
  • MAX Trains + TriMet Buses

If you need transportation, call 211.

Keeping cool and hydrated

  • Open windows at night to let in cool breeze, then shut them in the morning and close blinds
  • If you have fans, run them intermittently during hottest parts of day and in the evening
  • Minimize alcohol intake and increase water consumption + coconut water & low sugar electrolyte drinks
  • If possible, eat foods that do not need to be cooked on the stove + fresh, cold foods like: melons, grapes, & cucumbers

Community care

  • Check in on elderly neighbors, friends & family, unhoused folks, and those with compromised immune systems or disabilities
  • Create a free hydration station with a cooler, ice, and waters in a shady spot. Set out cool water for animal companions.
  • Donate boxed and bottled water to service providers and free fridges. The nearest one to Brooklyn is at Milwaukie & Gideon.
  • During intense heatwaves, the power grid becomes strained. Try to conserve energy when safe to do so.

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