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2023 Proposed Bylaws Update, Article 4, Section III, “Membership”

At the General Meeting in May 2022 where updates to the bylaws were voted in, an update to Article 4, Section III, “Membership”, intended to clarify qualifications for general membership, was deferred, pending consultation with Southeast Uplift.

In the fall of 2022, the board conferred with Southeast Uplift to adopt language that would be inclusive and legally defensible. The addition of paragraphs 2 and 3 to Article 4, Section III were proposed to the board at the meeting in December 2022 and approved for submission to the general membership for vote and adoption. All of Section III is shown below, with the additions italicized.

  1. Brooklyn Action Corps (BAC) is open to residents, property owners, business licensees, employees, and representatives of nonprofit organizations located within the neighborhood boundaries.  
  2. Proof of membership eligibility may include any of the following:
    1. Residency: driver’s license, state ID, proof of Oregon voter registration, recent utility bill, rental agreement, mortgage statement, deed, attested validation by two seated BAC board members
    2. Property owners: deed, tax statement or property ownership listed on portlandmaps.com;
    3. Business licensees: business license;
    4. Employees: employment letter, pay stub, validation from employer;
    5. Representatives of nonprofit organizations located within the neighborhood boundaries: validation from the nonprofit’s director or board member, a listing on the nonprofit’s website, attested validation by two seated BAC board members.  
  3. Any attestations of eligibility must be entered into the meeting minutes.

The Board will be submitting these changes to the general membership for voting and adoption at the March 22, 2023 general meeting.

You may view and request comment access on the changes at this google docs link.

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