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Brooklyn Earth Day 2023 a Success

East Side Litter Pickup, Free Plant Exchange, and Climate Event

On April 22nd, 2023, Earth Day, Brooklyn neighbors gathered at Powell Park to pick up litter, share plants and get involved in local Climate Issues, from 10-2pm.  We were surprised that SOLVE and a local radio station also were there doing litter pickups from 10 to noon.  So both Brooklyn and Creston-Kenilworth got litter pickups!

Our Brooklyn group covered Powell Park and the entire Eastside of Brooklyn, from 17th to 26th, Powell to Holgate.  We found plenty of interesting debris.  We also had one of our unhoused residents, Randy, who picked up a full bucket of trash along 22nd.  At the same time, Guy Berliner set up a plant swap, a just take some free plants area. When SOLVE finished their time, many of their volunteers came and adopted plants also!  Guy went home with just 5 small lambsears,  He was really pleased with all the positive comments about future ‘explore the neighborhood walks’. 

 Myong O. and Jeff Kleen also had a table featuring Climate involvement opportunities and had quite a few people sign up for future events.

Thank you to: Debbie Savage, Josh Hetrick, Debra Kyle, Stephen Bachhuber, Randy, Yarrow Murphy, Linnea Ramos, Cabron Ramos,  Michael O’Connor, Rebecca Garza, Robert Christian, John Karabaic, Cheryl Crowe, Rae Knopp, LC Hansen, Lee Orton, Wesley Ward and Jim & Liz Houser for doing all the work!!  Thanks to Heiberg for collecting all our bags on Monday.  We all appreciated getting to know a bit about “East Brooklyn”.

Photomontage of the event.

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