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Neighbors Clear and Weed on SE Milwaukie Ave

Neighbors shouted out kudos as a band of volunteers pruned, mowed and weeded the little bump out garden across from Chomp, 3200 SE Milwaukie Ave, Sunday morning.

The volunteers, from left to right, Kathy Orton, Cheryl Crowe, Stephen Bachhuber. Not pictured is volunteer Lynne Bachhuber

The volunteers have been looking after the little garden for about two years, at first it was mostly trash removal, then they moved on to pruning and last fall they planted spring bulbs. 

The tiny garden always has a large crop of weeds each clean up. If you live near the garden and would like to offer your green bin for the cleanups, or if you would like to join the band of volunteers in tending to neglected parts of Brooklyn please email 9thStreetOverpass at brooklyn-neighborhood dot org

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