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Neighborhood Cleanup

Today, the homes in Brooklyn are 3.84 tons lighter. 

Brooklyn volunteers and cleanup clients in action

This past Saturday, May 13, 2023, nineteen neighborhood volunteers put their backs into filling up two dumpsters of things that don’t promote joy, as well as saving items from the waste stream with recycling. 

Hazardous waste was accepted on site by Metro for the first time this year. Neighbors safely disposed of prescription meds, compact fluorescents, common household batteries, as well as medical sharps. 

Four volunteers delivered our accepted recycling to the various recycling centers. 

Nina Thomas and Stephen Bachhuber conveyed the donated clothing to some deserving organizations, and Nina additionally is able to divert unwearable clothing to an organization that turns them into rags. 

John Wiebke was a tremendous help all day and also delivered a car load of electronics to Free Geek. 

LC Hansen loaned her truck “La Burro” and her driving skills to transport styrofoam to the recycling center in Tigard. 

Paul Zavitovski from Breakfast on the Bridges served coffee and Coco donuts to the  volunteers. 

The BAC thanks all the volunteers who helped make this event run smoothly and cleanly.

  • Guy Berliner
  • Cheryl Crowe
  • David Dicks
  • Debbie Dicks
  • Melaney Dittler
  • Tim Dittler
  • John Karabaic 
  • Jeff Kleen
  • Kirsten Lampi
  • Myong O
  • Daryl Phillippi
  • Marie Phillippi
  • Mark Romanaggi
  • Stuart Zeltzer

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