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Plant a lovely tree!

Would you like to enhance the beauty of your home while benefiting the environment? Increase the value of your house while gaining the admiration of your neighbors? If so, plant a tree or multiple trees in your parking strip or yard! With more than 800 potential planting sites available in Brooklyn, the birds and squirrels are waiting!

Here is a step by step guide to get a tree(s) for your parking strip.

(1) To find out how many trees will fit, go to:

(A) Brooklyn’s Tree Inventory Report, page 27 of this website to see the available tree spaces in the parking strip of each property.

(2) For help in deciding on what tree to plant, consult Portland’s approved street tree list, then:

(A) To see what types of trees are currently growing in Brooklyn, go to pages 20-21 of this website.
(B) To see a map of what your Brooklyn neighbors have, go to page 22 of this website.
(C) A list of Friends of Trees plantings in Brooklyn is available as a pdf download here.
(D) Contact the Brooklyn Tree Team at this link to get a more specific name of any street tree in Brooklyn.

(3) To choose a tree(s), go to:

(A) Your local nursery.
(B) Friends of Trees web site to see their available trees. Friends of Trees makes it easy to choose a tree(s) and they provide discounted trees as well as help with planting. Their deadline dates for 2014 are 11/10 for signup, 11/24 for tree selection and 12/13/14 is planting day. To commemorate 25 years of working with neighborhood volunteers to plant more than a half a million trees in neighborhoods and green spaces, they are offering street trees for just $25 for residents in Portland while supplies last.

(4) If you choose Friends of Trees as a source, sign up here.

(5) You can help with planting if desired.

(6) Enjoy your new tree(s)!

To get a tree(s) for your yard, the process is similar, but check with the City of Portland and Friends of Trees for non-parking strip trees.

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