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  • Proposed Sanctioned Camping Site at Clinton Triangle

    UPDATE 3/13/23: This site has been selected. We are hosting a virtual meeting with Mayor Wheeler and Urban Alchemy on it Friday, March 17, 2023 at 2:30PM. See related post:…

  • A walk around the neighborhood

    As we settle into this “Forced Pause”, we now have the time to look around us and enjoy our surroundings. A quick walk around our beautiful Brooklyn Neighborhood

  • Brooklyn couple killed in crash

    A well respected neighborhood couple was killed in a deadly crash on Hwy 26 on Dec 26th. Shannon O’Leary, 39, and Adam Clausen, 37, both of SE 9th Ave in…

  • Professor maps Portland Hot Spots

    Do you sometimes think that the Brooklyn Neighborhood is a bit warmer than our neighboring areas? You may be right in assuming this according to a study by a PSU…

  • Family book store … or porn shop?

    Update: KGW Reporter Erica Heartquist confirmed the explicit advertisements were taken down by the building’s owner Thursday (7/31/14) afternoon. The Armchair Book Store has been a fixture on Milwaukie Ave…

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