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Milwaukie MAX Decision Pending

This is it, the week that the Portland to Milwaukie MAX Steering Committee makes its formal recommendation on a route, a bridge location on the Willamette River, and on station locations!

Momentum seems to be shifting in Brooklyn’s favor on this project.  The stations proposed for SE Clinton Street, SE Rhine, and SE Holgate are strongly supported by area residents and city leaders alike.  There is a strong resolve by regional leaders to make this project happen.  Construction may begin in 2010, and property aquisitions may occur as early as next year.

There also seems to be increasing support for a station at SE Harold Street and McLoughlin Boulevard.  Residents of Harold, Ellis, and Reedway streets in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood have been strong advocates in recent weeks for a station in this area.  The Brooklyn Action Corps Board is supportive of a station in this area, so long as it does not replace the station proposed for SE Holgate Street.  There appears to be a growing acceptance among city planners that these stations would serve two distinct populations despite their relatively close proximity to one another.

As the Chair of the Brooklyn Action Corps and a member of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee,  I have been invited to have lunch with Metro Councilor Robert Liberty and the other members of the Steering Committee.  This will occur this Thursday before their final vote on the project.

I will make sure to post an update on the day’s events.  If you have any last minute questions or concerns about this project, let me know.

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