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Sting Snares Dozens of Speeders on Powell Boulevard

Portland Police’s traffic enforcement team was out in full force at the east end of the Ross Island bridge on the evening of Tuesday, July 29th.  Over a dozen officers participated in one of the largest traffic saturation patrols to ever come to the Brooklyn Neighborhood.

Enforcement efforts were focused on eastbound vehicles between SE 8TH Street and Milwaukie Avenue.  Although traffic signs require vehicles to slow down in this area, average traffic speeds often well exceed the posted limit.  This makes it very difficult for Brooklyn residents to safely enter and exit the quiet side streets that serve the neighborhood.

On this cloudy summer evening, those same side streets were filled with police officers in patrol cars, unmarked vehicles, and on motorcycles.  It was not unusal to see groups of four or five vehicles all pulled over at the same time.  In addition to speed enfocement, vehicles were also stopped for illegal turns and other traffic violations.

Concerns over speeding and other traffic enforcement issues has been a growing concern in the Brooklyn neighborhood.  What other areas in Brooklyn would be ideal for this type of saturation patrol?

2 Replies to “Sting Snares Dozens of Speeders on Powell Boulevard”

  1. Adam

    Center street has long been a source of traffic issues and all of Milwaukie Ave could stand to see the speed limit dropped to 25mph.

  2. Brad

    Its almost impossible to make a left onto Miwaukie ave during rush hour. Trapped in our own neighborhood. I agree with Adam a slower speed limit would be great

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