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Red Alert! Public Action Needed Now to Save Brooklyn Park Summer Program!

For over thirty years, Craig Montag has acted as coordinator, “camp counselor”, stickball coach, quizmaster, and all-around great guy to dozens of Brooklyn neighborhood kids all summer at Brooklyn Park.  That’s right.  OVER 30 YEARS!

Portland Parks Recreation is making BIG CUTS to the summer programs and Brooklyn Park is one of them.  In the past, Brooklyn residents have always “stepped up to the plate.” If we as a neighborhood, do not act now, we will lose this program.


Here’s what you can do!
Email, write or call Nick Fish’s office and tell him what this program means to this community and to our kids.
This may be our only chance, so act now.
Commissioner Nick Fish
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 240 Portland, OR 97204
Email: nick@ci.portland.or.us
Phone: Office Front Desk: 503-823-3589
Office Fax: 503-823-3596

Parks Budget hearing at Mt. Scott Community Center this coming Wednesday, March 3 at 6 – 8:30 pm if anyone would like to go and lobby for Brooklyn’s Program.


3 Replies to “Red Alert! Public Action Needed Now to Save Brooklyn Park Summer Program!”

  1. Daniel Gaard

    Thank you to the BAC for this fantastic posting in regards to the Brooklyn Park Summer Program. This is an important part of our community and neighborhood and has been for over 50 years with Craig Montag as director for over 30 of those years. We encourage everyone to let their voice of support be heard by the City officials in charge even if you don’t have kids. We need as many people as we can to email, call and attend the City budget meeting to change this decision and save our program.
    If you have any questions please feel free to call or send us an email.
    Thank you again,
    Daniel Gaard, Jennifer Ming, and Oliver Gaard
    503 867-4623

  2. Daniel Gaard

    Thank you to everyone who has sent emails, phone calls and attended last nights budget meeting there were quite a few of us there and although we were not able to speak for the entire room to hear I believe that our voices of support were heard at every table and We saw many of you speak directly to Nick Fish and the posted comment cards are going to make a difference. KGW News also had a story on air last night about the summer park program budget cuts and they ran a live feed from our park they interviewed Craig so hopefully this will also make a huge impact. Thanks to all those involved with the facebook page there are over 400 supporters!!!!! a huge feet in only a few days and I know that Commisioner Fish is aware of the page and that is a huge sign of support. Thank you again to everyone for doing their part to save the program, but let us remember the battle is not over continue to send the emails and phone calls and attend future budget meetings.
    Please again if you have any questions please feel free to call or send us an email.
    Daniel Gaard, Jennifer Ming & Oliver Gaard’
    503 867-4623

  3. Daniel Gaard

    Well Parks and Rec completed its 2011 budget proposal yesterday and they have decided to cut the summer parks programs out of the budget. This just means that we must continue to send those emails, make those telephone calls and attend those meetings and presentations. This is not the final budget it is simply their proposed budget that will be presented to City Council and finally the Mayor before a final budget is decided by the Mayor in June. The next meeting to attend would be the Parks and Rec presentation of the proposed budget to City Council in Coucil Chamber s at City Hall on April 1st at 9am. Lets all get out there and let them know we can not let these programs be cut
    Thank you again for the support
    Daniel Gaard

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