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$86,664 Available for Neighborhoods Through Office of Neighborhood Involvement Small Grants Program

SE Uplift and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement are pleased to announce the fifth year of the Neighborhood Small Grants Program, with $86,664 in grant funds available to neighborhood and community groups across the city. SE Uplift will be awarding $22,594 in grant funds for projects that build community, attract new and diverse members and sustain those members already involved.

SE Uplift’s preferred use of funds is for projects that:

  • Build capacity in the neighborhood system.
  • Support engaging traditionally underrepresented groups in neighborhood association activities.
  • Show partnerships between two neighborhood associations or an association and a traditionally underrepresented community or community-based organization that supports traditionally underrepresented communities.

Deadline to apply is Monday, November 1 by 2PM.

Grants will be awarded through a competitive basis and may range from $500-$5000.

For more information or questions about your application, please contact Kristen at kristen@southeastuplift.org
or 503-232-0010 x 319.

We encourage you to apply for your project today!

SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition
3534 SE Main Portland, Oregon 97214
503 232-0010 www.southeastuplift.org

One Reply to “$86,664 Available for Neighborhoods Through Office of Neighborhood Involvement Small Grants Program”

  1. The Celtic Enigma

    What about seeing if some of this money could be used to help bring Craig Montag back to Brooklyn park next summer?

    The city, amitst seemingly endless budget cuts, announced a while back that there is a likly chance that due to a lack of funding, the 33+ year Brooklyn park summer program would likly be cut. I think that these funds might be a way to tap into money to cover the costs of the summer program so that the kids of this area have a safe place to go and stay out of possible trouble.

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