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Next mural volunteer effort this Sunday August 28

The BAC Mural at the SE 9th Avenue pedestrian bridge is underway!

Our next big volunteer opportunity is Sunday August 28. Show up around 10AM or call the artist, Lew Jones at (503) 701-7893 to sign up for a specific time slot. When we’ve finished priming the surfaces and applying the large blocks of color, we’ll be adding hundreds of stenciled images of fish, birds, bicyclists, trains, joggers, etc.

If you can’t help paint, feel free to stop by the site with refreshments for the volunteers, such as ice tea, cookies, pizza, etc. Be sure to call Lew first to make sure there are people on site when you come by.

We’re also accepting donated pads for paint rollers. Let us know with an email if you can help by volunteering your time or materials.

Thanks for your support!

BAC Mural Committee

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  1. Daniel Gaard

    Our family went down to the overpass this past Sun. to help Lew and had a great time!! We encourage everyone in the neighborhood to volunteer and help create a fantastic space for everyone to enjoy.
    Daniel, Ming, Oliver & Ellis

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