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Public comment and training opportunities

Check out these opportunities to provide your feedback on railroad and air quality rules. There’s also an opportunity to apply for land use & transportation training. Read on for details!

Comment on DEQ clean air rules accepting public comment

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is accepting public comments on two proposed rules:

  • Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) Rule: This would require manufacturers of trucks (from light duty to semis) to ensure that a certain percentage of their sales are zero-emission by a specific date. The rule establishes a tiered set of requirements based on the type of vehicle, and would begin with model year 2025 if passed in 2021. The ACT is a manufacturing standard and will ensure more zero-emission MHD trucks are available for sale.
  • Low-NOx Rule: This rule would dramatically reduce NOx emissions by comprehensively overhauling exhaust emission standards, test procedures, and other emissions-related requirements. This would affect model year 2024 and subsequent model year heavy-duty engines. The Low-NOx Rule is an emissions standard and will reduce emissions from new fossil fuel trucks that are sold after 2024.

The Portland metro region is within the 95th percentile nationally for diesel pollution exposure, and the Brooklyn neighborhood has some of the worst concentration of air pollutants in Portland. This is due in no small part to heavy truck traffic to and from the railyard and truck routes on McLoughlin, Powell, Milwaukie, 17th, and 26th.

For more details and to comment, head to DEQ’s Clean Truck Rules 2021 page. Comments are due by October 1st at 4:00pm.

Sign the Central Eastside Railroad Petition

Long freight trains blocking intersections in Southeast is an ongoing safety, congestion, and air quality concern. If you would like the City to study short and long term solutions, sign the Central Eastside Industrial Council’s railroad petition.

Apply for the Land Use & Transportation Leadership Program from SE Uplift & We All Rise

SE Uplift is working with a BIPoC & women led firm called We All Rise to host a Land Use & Transportation Leadership program. This opportunity spans across 9 weeks with the schedule TBD pending participant availability. This program offers a $750 stipend and there is room for 7-8 participants.

The goal of this program is to empower individuals and community members who are often the most impacted by land use and transportation decision making but have been historically and contemporarily excluded from planning processes.

They are looking for passionate, community-minded individuals that meet most or all of the following criteria:

  • Interest in community advocacy, land use or transportation issues (for example: affordable housing, transit equity, displacement, exclusionary zoning, parks, development, climate change, etc.)
  • Young Folks: 16-28 or Seniors: 65-85+
  • Identify as possessing one or more marginalized identities (including gender identity, sexual identity, ethnic identity, racial identity, etc.)
  • Not currently engaged in professional or academic land use or transportation spaces 
  • Has a connection to SE Portland (don’t need to reside in or own property)
  • No experience is required!

Applications are due by September 30, with the program expected to launch in mid to late October. For more details, see the program brochure.

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