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May 2022 BAC general meeting — annual elections and bylaws proposal

This month’s BAC general meeting is on Wednesday, May 25th. Our May meeting hosts our annual board elections. All board seats are up for election every year. Additionally, we have some proposed amendments to the BAC bylaws to vote on. Please come and vote!

Board candidates

These are the 2022–2023 board candidates:

  • Guy Berliner
  • Cheryl Crowe
  • Melaney Dittler
  • Josh Hetrick
  • John Karabaic
  • Andi Moore
  • Myong O
  • Marie Phillippi
  • Kimberléa Ruffu
  • David Ward
  • Stuart Zeltzer

Bylaws proposal

The BAC convened a working group to review the BAC’s bylaws, which were last updated 15 years ago. The working group produced a set of recommended changes, which the BAC board has approved. Bylaws changes must be approved by the general membership to be accepted. Full details on the proposed changes are provided on the 2022 bylaws proposal page.


The meeting will be held as a hybrid meeting, both in-person at the Sacred Heart Fellowship Hall, or on Zoom. You can join Zoom from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or call in from a phone. More details can be found on the May general meeting event page.


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