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Safe Routes to School, Camping, and Safety

On August 19, Mayor Wheeler made an emergency declaration that prohibited camping around schools and on prioritized routes to schools. This extends the previous prohibition on camping in transportation corridors with a high incidence of accidents.

Bike Portland has an excellent article on the news. The Safe Routes to School site Project Planning page includes a map you can use to explore them. We’ve taken a screenshot of the Brooklyn neighborhood’s routes and included it below. Click or tap to make it larger.

Brooklyn Neighborhood SRTS prioritized streets, visible in darker gray. Orange dots are unfunded transportation improvement projects.

We are giving you this information to keep you informed. We’d like to remind you that we’re living through a refugee crisis related to housing costs, the pandemic, and climate change.  Compassionate responses to neighborhood challenges in the face of these can be difficult, and some responses can make things worse, turning being poor into a crime. Responding in a way that makes everyone feel safer can be challenging, especially if our definition of everyone includes those who have nowhere to go but the road.

If you or someone you know would benefit from housing support and/or services please check out the following resource lists at 211, Southeast Uplift and Street Roots’ Rose City Resource

We recommend you use Portland’s One Point of Contact for issues with camping that pose a threat to safety.

There are two ways to report a campsite using the One Point of Contact Campsite Reporting System. Please use just one of the following methods:

  1. PDX Reporter. Please select the “Campsite Reporting” icon from the main menu. 
  2. Call 311.

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