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Gideon Shelter Working Group Update 2023W16

We had a productive discussion during our last board meeting about a portfolio of actions that could be taken to move the site from its current location, ensure its safe operation for its residents and their neighbors, monitor its effect on Hosford-Abernathy and Brooklyn, and collaborate on a Good Neighbor Agreement that is coordinated with HAND.

The following folks are on the working group.

  • James Bloom
  • Gavin Bramley
  • Dan Carr
  • Sharon Connolly
  • John Karabaic
  • Phillippe Mazaud
  • Yarrow Murphy
  • Neel Pender
  • Gibran Ramos
  • Chrissy Wamsher
  • Jean-Pierre Veillet

We currently need more representation from unhoused neighbors, folks with experience serving the unhoused, nonprofit staff in our neighborhood, neighborhood business owners and employees, and neighbors who rent or lease. Please contact us, if you’d like to help, at clintontriangle at brooklyn-neighborhood dot org. We are setting up regular, weekly meeting times.

Every person participating in this process should understand the time commitment involved over the next few months to work on those tasks. It may add up to a dozen or more hours per week. Certainly, just setting up the our call with the Mayor, curating questions, and responding to emails was about 25 solid hours of work.

Every participant should be aware that participation in this group is subject to the BAC Code of Conduct.

Every participant should also be aware of the moral obligation to disclose any possible conflicts of interest, such as a financial interest in the property at hand or the services the city is contracting. It doesn’t exclude you from participation, but it does provide necessary information to other participants and may prevent embarrassment.

The board hasn’t yet authorized this group to fundraise or take any legal action.

You can find the documents we’re working on in our shared folder.

UPDATE 2023/04/17 18:43: Aimee Plante at KOIN reports that Gov Kotek has released the $18.2M she withheld last week. Part of that money will fund the “sleeping pods” and operations. The official name for the site appears to be the Gideon Temporary Alternative Shelter Site.

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