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Gideon Shelter Working Group Update 2023W19

Current Members of the working group. New members this week in italics.

  • James Bloom
  • Gavin Bramley
  • Dan Carr
  • Sharon Connolly
  • Debbie Dicks
  • John Karabaic
  • Tom Martin
  • Phillippe Mazaud
  • Yarrow Murphy
  • Adelaide N
  • Michael O’Connor
  • Neel Pender
  • Ashley Plauché
  • Gibran Ramos
  • Jane Schue
  • Chrissy Wamsher
  • Jean-Pierre Veillet

The Gideon Temporary Alternative Shelter Site / Clinton Triangle working group had four meetings last week, two with HAND and two with representatives of Mayor Wheeler, HAND, and CEIC.

Dan Carr and I also met with Rep Rob Nosse on Saturday morning, 5/6/2023, to explain where we’re at and ask for his participation in the process. He’s going to be working with us going forward.

In my opinion, the most important takeaways from this week are

  • There’s currently a system in place at the state level for moving campsites within public rights-of-way. It involves posting the campsite to a system where it is assigned a score. The score determines priority for removal. If a site is prioritized, campers are given 72 hour notice to leave via a posting.
  • There will be three levels of impact zone with varying level of priorities for recruiting residents. If someone sets up camp in these zones, the system for scoring and removal changes in each zone
    • Inner impact zone (posted immediately, recruited by Urban Alchemy)
    • First ring zone (submitted to system, but receives highest score immediately and will get posted)
    • Outer ring (rest of neighborhood) (a streamlined, higher-priority scoring system)
  • The city is prioritizing services to the neighborhoods that improve safety, so we are creating a list

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