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Volunteers Clean SE 9th Overpass

Beautification Crew Gets Ready for Fall

Fall is coming and the volunteers of the BAC neighborhood beautification crew are getting ready for a regular cleaning and planting cadence to keep our neighborhood infrastructure safe and looking good. If you’d like to help out, email us.

Pogo and Vinko make an inspection tour of the bridge

They met this past Saturday, September 2, 2023 at the SE 9th Street Overpass/SE Powell Skybridge to remove tree and other litter, prune overgrowth, and repair damage done by campers.

BAC beautification volunteers, from left to right, Garrett Hill, Heidi Hill, Little Heidi Hill, Irene Bachhuber, Cheryl Crowe, Guy Robertson, Yuko Robertson, Jenny Conlee, Stephen Bachhuber, and Xin He Ou.

The crew discovered additional sidewalk masquerading as a planted area on the north side of the bridge, mirroring their discovery on the south side of the bridge last year (see SE 9th Street Overpass Cleanup). They got the bridge surface cleaned and swept for pedestrians and cyclists, cleared off the sidewalks, and prepared for planting an area burned last year after campers were swept from the location. The BAC may officially adopt the area from ODOT, which will be discussed at a future board meeting.

The north side of the bridge is cleaned up and prepared for planting. Beautification crew shown for scale.
Neighbor Xin He Ou gets started on cleaning tree litter blocking use of the bridge on the south side.
Stephen Bachhuber trims low-hanging branches prior to cleaning up litter on the hillside next to the bridge.

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