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The Brooklyn Action Corps is the neighborhood organization for Brooklyn, Portland, Oregon, whose purpose is to better the community by working together toward the solution of its social, physical, and economic problems. Read more

Latest Update

  • Proposed Bylaws Amendment: Board Members Emeritus

    The board has voted to present to the membership an amendment to the bylaws, which would add a section III to article 6, allowing for non-voting Board Members Emeritus. The board is asking the membership to approve this amendment at the May 22, 2024 meeting.

    You can read the working text in this google doc. It’s also pasted below:


    The board of directors has the authority to nominate and elect board members emeritus, a prestigious category of board members. These individuals, who have served on the board with distinction and excellence, are granted special privileges. Board members emeritus are entitled to receive all written notices and information provided to the board of directors, attend all board meetings, participate in meetings of the committees they serve, and are encouraged to attend all other events conducted by the organization. A board member emeritus shall not be subject to any attendance policy counted in determining if a quorum is present at a meeting, entitled to hold office, or entitled to vote at any board meeting.


    To be considered for designation as a board member emeritus, a person must be a current or former member of the organization’s board of directors who has:

    • served five years on the organization’s board of directors with distinction

    • held an important leadership role and made significant contributions for the past ten years.

    • engaged in major volunteer or advocacy activities in their service on the board

    • served in good standing

    • Participated in one or more of the organization’s activities

    (e.g., events, volunteerism, fundraising, government relations,

    networking, etc.)


    Any current member of the BAC board has the privilege to propose potential candidates for the Emeritus board member position. The nomination must be made in person during a monthly board meeting, either on-site or via video conference. It is important to note that only one Emeritus board member can be chosen annually. A simple majority vote of the board at a BAC Board meeting where a quorum is present is sufficient to approve the appointment. The award will be presented during the final General Brooklyn Action Corps meeting of the year.

    There is no limit to the number of Emeritus BAC board members over time.


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