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Railroad Quiet Zone rules

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2 Replies to “Railroad Quiet Zone rules”

  1. NP3837

    Did you know that the Union Pacifice Railroad is working with the City of Portland, and the State of Oregon to move their Union Pacific Albina Yard to the Brooklyn yard location?
    They’re in the process of doing this now, and they expect truck traffic to increase in the area by 700 trucks a day! Not to mention the added trains that will be coming into the Brooklyn yard will add to the whistle noise. What is BAC doing? We need to take action NOW!

  2. David Bean

    We apparently have not attained good communication with our train friends yet. Tualitian has, as evidenced by this post on Senator Wyden’s site December 15th:

    Tualatin Quiet Zone- $250,000
    This project would fund the construction of safety improvements to the highway rail grade crossings that directly impact properties in Tualatin. The project intent is to provide increased safety measures for highway rail grade crossings and also be able to provide a better quality of life by eliminating the need for regular sounding of the train horns.

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